Required items before coming to MONOL

Written by: Zoe (Essential Intermediate ESL student)

Today, I want to share about what to prepare before coming to the Philippines.

I chose this topic because even though Monol gave me a list of items, I searched for more information about this when I was preparing to go to the Philippines.

This is the second time for me to visit Baguio City. I visited Baguio when I was a middle school student, so I was better than other students in preparing what to bring. Continue reading

What else can you enjoy doing in Monol apart from studying? (Part 1)

Staying fit and healthy!

Improve muscle strength and tone with Exercise Programs at the Gym


Monol’s gym can accommodate up to 15 students. It has a variety of exercise machines and equipment for the different needs of the students. Apart from using the gym to stay fit, students can also sign up for classes provided by the academy’s gym instructor. These classes, just like yoga and Pilates, are alternative to self-study, which is done from 19:00-21:00. Continue reading

What to look forward to on your first day at Monol

It’s always the busiest and the most hectic during the first few days of a term at Monol. Not counting the activities upon the students’ arrival, the usual hustle and bustle in the campus is usually observed as early as 7:30 AM on the first Monday of a term, as teachers and managers prepare for the materials and venues for the students’ level test. By 8:30 AM, everything will be all set – the test papers, the audio files, and the teachers.

The students will, then, sit down, get their brains into working, and start taking the test.

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