Menu of the day: Welcoming the Year of the Sheep


Happy New Year, everyone!

Well, we started the New Year last January, but at Monol, everybody celebrated the Lunar New Year, known to the Chinese as the Spring Festival, to welcome the Year of the Sheep. Naturally, Monol prepared a feast for everyone last February 18. Continue reading

Menu of the day: Breakfast food for dinner?

In today’s menu for dinner, one of the side dishes served was pumpkin pancake along with string beans in curry. Peculiar? To some, maybe, but some will find it to their liking especially if the main course is spicy squid, known as Ojingeo-bokkeum. Continue reading

Menu of the day: Satiating Satay

satay-02-01232015It’s the end of the week again here at Monol, which means two things to students. One, today is exam day and two, (because it’s the second week of a term) they can go have a night out with their friends or roommates after classes.

Naturally, to keep the mind focused and concentrated, everyone should have their bellies full and content.  The morning might have been tough to some knowing they didn’t do very well in their exams but to prepare for another round this afternoon, a fulfilling and satiating lunch is a must. Continue reading

Menu of the day: Balanced flavors

bbq-03-01222015A perfectly balanced meal does not only refer to having enough portions of protein, carbohydrates, and fibers. Most of the time (although to some, it is not necessary), it is also important to consider the nature and taste of each dish and if it complements well with the others. Will it taste well with this? Or will it just make it worse? Indeed, cooking or preparing a meal is as difficult as pairing the right top for a particular pair of jeans.

Monol’s dinner today had the right balance of everything. And we’re not only referring to the portions of meat and vegetables. Continue reading

Menu of the day: “Braising” oneself for a new day

breakfast-01212015Baguio’s weather today makes a perfect day for slacking off – gloomy and foggy, with still a hint of that winter chill; it sure makes one think of hiding underneath blankets and spending the day doing nothing. However, since it’s only Wednesday, students have to go to class and the offices should function as usual.

The main course for breakfast today is pork Macau sausage with sautéed zucchini and braised tofu, known as Dubu jorim, as side dishes. To warm the body and mind on a foggy day, dumpling soup, known as Manduguk, was also served.  And as always, the salad bar, ever abundant with vegetables and fruits, is present to complete the most important meal of the day. Continue reading