The Best Place I Visited in the Philippines by Joey

The most unforgettable place which I have visited in the Philippines is Mt. Ulap.

Teacher Hazel invited me to go to Mt. Ulap. Before I went to Mt. Ulap, I had never experienced hiking. It was a great chance to experience something new so I accepted the invitation without a doubt. I especially looked forward to seeing the scenery at Mt. Ulap. Continue reading

The Best Place I visited in the Philippines by Tiffany

In my case, the best place I visited in the Philippines is Baguio City. This city has ramps that seem to be endless. On the other hand, the ramps surround the mountains. They make the scenery look majestic. I really like walking on these roads. Continue reading

Required items before coming to MONOL

Written by: Zoe (Essential Intermediate ESL student)

Today, I want to share about what to prepare before coming to the Philippines.

I chose this topic because even though Monol gave me a list of items, I searched for more information about this when I was preparing to go to the Philippines.

This is the second time for me to visit Baguio City. I visited Baguio when I was a middle school student, so I was better than other students in preparing what to bring. Continue reading

The Cañao Tradition of the Ibalois

The gangsa and the solibao played together would usually resound to the next village, signifying a festivity. Amid the floating music of these instruments, you’d hear someone belt out a chant, which would be responded to by a chorus of outcries from the people. This would go on for minutes until, at such time, the people dancing and beating on the gangsas and solibaos get tired. Amazingly, another round would follow a little later, indicating that the people have energized and are up to dancing once again. Continue reading