Unwind at our own Monol Lounge

There’s always a room for improvement and by ‘room’, we mean literally.

The old SRD office has been completely revamped to make room for our Employee/Student Lounge which opened last August. The purpose of the lounge is to provide a tranquil space for students or employees to socialize, study, and rest before, during, or after classes or on breaks. It is located on the B3 floor of the campus just near the lobby. What is great is that food and beverages are allowed and the lounge provides comfortable furniture for students to relax on. The Employees lounge is also covered by CCTV Cameras for everybody’s safety.

Where we study or work usually has a big impact on our ability to be productive so here are some things you can benefit from the newly created lounge.



The lounge is provided for students and employees to use as a venue to study, or take a break. Some students find the lounge to be productive because of its quiet and serene ambiance. Students usually find new environments besides classrooms and dorm rooms to be helpful for their learning. The lounge provides just that as its adequate lighting and minimal noise level helps the student focus on his/her studies.



The lounge was made for relaxation. The seats are very comfortable while the tables are properly picked to make it a relaxing experience. Everything within the lounge complements each other so that everybody could just sit and spend their time stress-free. This place is also good for employees to unwind when things get overwhelming. Employees and teachers can also use the lounge to unwind after classes or rest before going to their next class. This will reduce the stress to the employee that would lead to better job performances in the workplace.



Most of our body is made up of water, so it is important   to maintain a good level of hydration to keep our bodies from functioning properly. Although water stations are spread across the campus, the lounge offers an alternative besides your regular water. 2 vending machines are currently installed at the lounge that offers Hot and Cold drinks like Milk Tea, Cappuccino, Mocha, Chocolate drinks, Juices, and Ice Tea. No matter how your day is going there are always hot drinks and beverages waiting for you. Drink up and revitalize yourself for your next class.


We always need a place for socialization. The lounge serves as a venue for teachers and students to bond and socialize. Students can approach their teachers at the lounge casually and they could ask questions or talk to their teachers. When teachers or employees hangout with their co-workers, this would increase collaboration and deepen bonds within each other. The lounge is a great place to encourage interactions between everybody at Monol. Simple conversations go a long way in creating bonds made in Monol. Grab a friend now and head over to the lounge!


CCTV’s are placed in the lounge to ensure the safety of the students and employees. Although the students can go outside the premises of Monol, we provide the lounge as a safer environment for them.

Head on over to our lounge to study, relax, hang-out, daydream, socialize, or revitalize, for a day of happiness here at Monol.

Photo taken by Randy Benigno: https://www.facebook.com/jazztefy

Tips to Keep Warm during the ‘Ber’ Months

Cover Photo taken by: Randy Benigno

‘Ber’ Months bring cooler days ahead. ‘Ber’ Months (September, October, November, December) are your months ending in ‘ber’. Starting on September until December, Baguio’s temperature will start to drop and the wind starts to blow a bit colder. Fog will also blanket our city from time to time as cold air passes. The first week of September, Baguio has already been experiencing the effects of the ‘Ber’ Months. Rain was pouring at some point during the week, fog blanketed the valley, and the cold air breezed throughout the city.

The ‘Ber’ Months are also a reason why tourists flock to the City of Baguio to enjoy the cool climate that you can’t find anywhere in the Philippines. People enjoy walking in the morning to experience the cold air and take pictures of our city blanketed by fog.

To help you get through the cold climate, here are some worthwhile tips to guide you.

  1. Wear a hat.

You may have heard that you lose 80 percent of your body heat through your head, whether that is true or not, wearing a hat certainly helps keep you warm. The hat serves as an insulation against the cold air. Even if you are well clothed, you will lose heat from any part of your body that’s exposed. So wearing a hat even when you are indoors really helps.

  1. Layer your covers with the thinnest, densest ones on top.

Fix your blankets during bedtime. Fluffy blankets should be closer to your skin. Thin, dense blankets should be on top to prevent heat loss. This assures you of a good night’s sleep and prevents you from experiencing chills at night.

  1. Keep Hydrated / Visit the Cafe


During the ‘Ber’ Months, dehydration is a real concern. Cold air deprives our bodies of moisture through the process of evaporation. People also do not naturally feel as thirsty during the cold weather as they do when the weather is hot.

Drinking plenty of water or hot drinks even when you do not feel thirsty will help you stay hydrated.  A cup of warm water or a hot beverage is your friend during the ‘Ber’ Months as it provides hydration and also warmth to your body. Visit our Coffee Shop and choose from a variety of local beverages to keep you warm.

But there are also drinks you have to avoid. One drink you’ll want to keep away from is alcohol. While a glass or two may give you a “warming” sensation, alcohol actually causes dehydration.

  1. Keep Moving

If you are more active in cold weather, your body will generate more heat as a result. But as students or teachers in Monol, who study, sit or stand for long periods of time you can wiggle your hands and toes every few minutes to keep the blood circulating and keep you warm.

Visit our facilities in the campus to learn more about our Yoga Classes, Sauna Facility, Fitness Gym, and Recreational Hall.

Check out our facilities in the link below: Monol Campus Facilities

  1. Bed Time

The body cools down during sleep, so it’s crucial to prepare carefully for bed. To warm-up you can do jumping jacks/push-ups or you can drink a hot beverage. The goal is to be warm when you climb under the covers. Also, invest in a quality insulating pad to sleep on; what’s underneath you is just as important as what’s on top when it comes to keeping things heated up right. Don’t be afraid to sleep with your socks on, the more layers the better.


Celebrating Baguio Day

You might get caught up with heavy traffic, some out of the blue performances, and parades along Session Road. Don’t get puzzled: It’s the 108th Baguio Day.

Friday, September 1 is indeed TGIF for the people of Baguio, including students of Monol because it’s a special non-working holiday.

For this year’s celebration, several activities will be held starting with the annual opening program conducted at the Baguio City Hall, city-wide parade immediately after the said program, and sports contests,  photo contest, performances, as well as pageants such as Little Miss Baguio and the much looked-forward to, the Miss Baguio pageant which will be held within the month of September.

Given yet another long weekend is a great opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Baguio and/or explore the lowlands. For starters, here some links to give you ideas on what to do here in Baguio this coming long weekend:

The Cafe You Should Probably Visit Today

Summer Itinerary: A Glance at the Aesthetics of Baguio City


Burnham Park: Baguio’s classic tourist spot

The Place I Came to Love in Baguio

This Special Holiday is annually celebrated to commemorate the transition of Baguio from being a provincial mountain to a charter city on September 1, 1909.



5 Beaches to Explore Away from Baguio

The Philippines boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Surrounded mostly by water, going to beach is always on the top list on the itinerary of tourists and travelers who are visiting the country. On the weekend, you might want to explore the lowlands and hit one of these destinations:

San Juan


Photo courtesy of Google Map

San Juan beach, also dubbed as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” is one of the destinations where Monol keeps coming back to because it is an ideal package deal for a quick getaway. It takes only two hours to go there, so a day would be enough for a round trip back to Baguio. Make the most of the day by riding through the waves and surfing lessons which costs around 400 pesos per head or by just simply sitting along the shore, talking, and pigging out.

Patar Beach


Photo courtesy of Google Map

PATAR Rock-Formations-in-Patar-Beach-600x398.jpg

Photo from outoftownblog.com

PATAR bolinao5

Photo from shoestringtravelers.com

Quick Facts
Travel time from Baguio City: 4 hours
Activities: Swimming

Patar Beach is located in Bolinao, Pangasinan a four hour-travel from Baguio City. This haven boasts crystal clear water and mocha-colored sand, as well as the serene atmosphere of unadulterated nature. Patar beach’s country side vibe, traditional huts, and warm-hearted people, overall, is a haven for your laid-back precedence.

Aside from the swimming activity, you can also explore some nearby attractions such as the Enchanted Cave, Bolinao Falls, and Lighthouse.



Photo courtesy of Google Map


Photo from pagudpodshore.com

The municipality of Pagudpud is located in Ilocos Norte, an eight-hour ride from Baguio City. It may sound quite a long journey on the way there, but it’s all worth it upon being greeted by white sand beach and crystal clear shores thus gaining its title as “Boracay of the North”. Aside from this, you can also enjoy the Bangui Wind farm, light house, museums, parks, and waterfalls.

Hundred Islands


Photo courtesy of Google Map


hi 2

Hundred Islands National Park is considered as one of the National Geological Monuments of the Philippines consisting of whooping 123 islands or 124 islands during low-tide where you can do lots of activities such as paragliding, banana boating, snorkeling, and canoe plus picnic and lots of photo-opts. It takes three hours and thirty minutes from Baguio.

Lingayen Beach


Photo courtesy of Google Map

lingayen beach

lingayen 3

Photo by shoestringstraveller.com

Lingayen beach is one of the nearest beaches from Baguio City. It would only take you two hours and a half to reach this serene and breezy place. Lingayen gulf is known as a military base during the World War II. Not far from the beach is the provincial capitol where you could drop by to have a background of its history. In between the beach and the capitol is a display of the actual military equipment used during the era. If you wish to spend your time at the shore, there are free cottages where you can chill, a pavement where you can stroll, and some food stalls or nearby hotel restaurants to grab a bite. Either way is a delightful experience to just sit around and unwind.

If you wish to explore some of these destinations, Monol conducts weekend trip every two weeks where you can enjoy doing outdoor activities with other students.



In Case You Need to Take a Break: Prologue to PUGAD

Writing assignments, tests, presentations, classes, home works – we know you’re busy. With all these jam packed tasks and the limited time in the academy, it’s almost improbable to take a break and replace these with activity filled breather outside Baguio, add to that the hassle of long hours of traveling and the curfew.

But what if we tell you that there is a haven, not so far away, where you can do bunch of activities all in one day?

Located at the Municipality of Pugo, La Union, Pugo Adventure or also known as PUGAD, is the combo meal version of rest, relaxation and adventures.


Photo courtesy of Google Map

Within an hour of travel from Baguio City, this adventure hub would be a great escapade from the city life especially when you tag your friends along. For the adrenaline junkie, feel free to choose your cup of tea from several activities such as ziplining, ATV, wall climbing, rappelling, and water adventures such as kayaking, jet skiing, and others.


If you are the slightly active type of person who finds pleasure through reading books, dipping into the water, or simply observing  nature, you can stay at one of the huts or kubo overlooking the swimming pool. Either way, the lush greenery would never fail to give you the break you deserve.

For more information regarding fees, refer to the image below:


Photo from https://www.facebook.com/Pugo-adventure



A Taste of Home: Japanese Cuisine (Part I)

Tonkatsu’s crumbly breading and the taste of juicy pork right after the crisp. The steam of aromatic soup from the bowl of ramen topped with slices of meat drizzled with herbs and spices. The soft and pinkish sashimi dipped in soy and a little of wasabi. These, folks, are just the tip of the iceberg of Japanese cuisine.

Japanese food is one of the most sought-after in its stratum (thanks, sushi). It is actually on the top 10 list of countries with delicious foods landing the fifth place as featured on CNN Travel (Li, 2017).

Well, it’s no wonder. Japanese cuisine almost always equates to fresh ingredients and healthful foods with the advantage of the waters surrounding the land area. Owing to these and the inflation of the number of Japanese students studying English in Baguio, the numbers of Japanese restaurants has also boomed in and around the city.

To satisfy your oriental cravings, we listed some of the Japanese restaurants that are just few minutes from Monol:


Chaya is a homey restaurant with excellent service. According to some Japanese students who has already been there, this restaurant serves the most authentic-tasting Japanese food. Spoiler alert: Your every meal would end with a sweet delight.

Worth a try, right?


Photo from thepennut.wordpress.com

Location: Legarda Road
Travel time: ~20 minutes
Store hours: 10 am – 9 pm


Brace yourself for the warm greeting: Naruto Japanese Restaurant will draw a smile on your face upon entering the establishment.

For the rainy season, they offered English academies in Baguio, including Monol, to enjoy a perk of 10% discount on all of their dishes until October. Just present your ID to avail this promo. Definitely a good deal!

Location: Naguillan Road (In front of Baguio City Hall)
Travel time: ~15 minutes

Store hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm


If an eat-all-you-can spree is your tummy’s desire for the day, Tajimaya is the best Japanese restaurant to go to. For only Php 499, you can enjoy unlimited Yakiniku experience.


Photo from thepennut.wordpress.com

Location: Military Cut-off
Travel time: 20-25 minutes

Store hours: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm

Teriyaki Boy

If you happen to crave for Japanese food while strolling around SM, you can visit Teriyaki Boy located at the 2nd floor. This restaurant also boasts good service and  convenience being inside a shopping mall.

Location: SM Baguio, Upper Session Road
Travel time: ~20 minutes

Store hours: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm


Top 10 Countries with delicious food source:

Li, Z. (2017, July 12). Which Country Has the Best Food? CNN Travel, Retrieved from http://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/world-best-food-cultures/index.html

3 Simple Ways to Steer Clear of Sickness this Rainy Season

Baguio’s average temperature of approximately 18 degrees Celsius makes learning more convenient. However, with the continuous pours and drizzles in between, the weather has become colder and that consequently brings some inevitable illnesses.

Getting sick is one of the things that we must avoid especially when studying. You don’t want to go to to your pronunciation class with sore throat, or to your grammar class with head ache accompanied by held back snuffles. To avoid these, here are some tips packed in three reminders on how we should maintain good health this season.

  1. Load up on Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to boost immune system. Every meal, Monol dining area serves fresh veggies and fruits. Increase your usual serving of these healthful rations. In addition to these, you can also take Vitamin C as dietary supplement for protection boost.


  1. Keep Warm

Say good bye to miniskirts, sleeveless tops, and shorts because they are going on a long vacation. Keep your body warm by investing on wool sweaters, jackets, and pants. Apart from that, you could also go for warm beverages such as tea and coffee. We have a jug of freshly brewed coffee placed just beside the bread section to warm your body up. If you opt for wider variety of choices, you can go to the café located at B5. Who says we can’t survive with cuddle weather alone?



  1. Gear Up

If summer season is the counterpart of the rainy season, then sunblock, shades, and swimwear is to umbrella, rain coats, and boots. We can reduce the chances of acquiring diseases if we prepare the right ‘gears’ for this season. An umbrella would come in handy during those 20-minute store visits or when going out on a weekend; raincoat could protect your OOTDs from getting soaked; and boots, well aside from being stylish, they can protect your skin from  getting fungal infection brought by the contaminated rain water.

dog ready

Dog in boots. Wonderopolis. Web. 1 Aug 2017. <wonderopolis.org>.


As was mentioned earlier, illness is inevitable during this wet season. While prevention is better than cure still holds true, you might just find yourself catching colds and flu one of these days. If that case happens, don’t hesitate to head to the clinic located at the ground floor, Room 308. We have friendly nurses who can give you medicine and other first aids you need. You can also take rest there until you feel better.