Winners of first Photo Essay contest in Monol announced

During the past month, Monol launched its very first Photo Essay contest in the academy to give a little spice to the usual essay writing contest regularly organized. For the said competition, seven winners were named and although the weather in Baguio is mostly rainy and cloudy, the winners’ entries talked about their fun experiences and adventures at the beach and other tourist destinations in the Philippines, which are considered to be the must-see places during the summer season.  Continue reading

Bowling Night!

Monol’s basketball court was teeming with giddy energy and excitement around 6:20PM last night. Little by little, the court was filled with people, leaving others wondering why these guys are outside on a very cold night. A few minutes later, at 6:30PM, 40 individuals started gathering together and formed lines. Jun, the student assistant, then, called the names written on his list one by one, waiting for an “Aye!” or a “Here!” from the person as he checks attendance.

After this seemingly endless ceremony, everybody was all set. Continue reading

What to look forward to on your first day at Monol

It’s always the busiest and the most hectic during the first few days of a term at Monol. Not counting the activities upon the students’ arrival, the usual hustle and bustle in the campus is usually observed as early as 7:30 AM on the first Monday of a term, as teachers and managers prepare for the materials and venues for the students’ level test. By 8:30 AM, everything will be all set – the test papers, the audio files, and the teachers.

The students will, then, sit down, get their brains into working, and start taking the test.

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