The Best Place I Visited in the Philippines by Joey

The most unforgettable place which I have visited in the Philippines is Mt. Ulap.

Teacher Hazel invited me to go to Mt. Ulap. Before I went to Mt. Ulap, I had never experienced hiking. It was a great chance to experience something new so I accepted the invitation without a doubt. I especially looked forward to seeing the scenery at Mt. Ulap. Continue reading

Required items before coming to MONOL

Written by: Zoe (Essential Intermediate ESL student)

Today, I want to share about what to prepare before coming to the Philippines.

I chose this topic because even though Monol gave me a list of items, I searched for more information about this when I was preparing to go to the Philippines.

This is the second time for me to visit Baguio City. I visited Baguio when I was a middle school student, so I was better than other students in preparing what to bring. Continue reading

Winners of first Photo Essay contest in Monol announced

During the past month, Monol launched its very first Photo Essay contest in the academy to give a little spice to the usual essay writing contest regularly organized. For the said competition, seven winners were named and although the weather in Baguio is mostly rainy and cloudy, the winners’ entries talked about their fun experiences and adventures at the beach and other tourist destinations in the Philippines, which are considered to be the must-see places during the summer season.  Continue reading

What else can you enjoy doing in Monol apart from studying? (Part 2)

Discovering new hobbies and interests!

Studying English can be described by all kinds of adjectives – strenuous, tiresome, and challenging. That is why we give our students more than enough venues to balance their learning and living experience during their stay in Monol. That is, they get to take it easy and relax after hours of learning, at the same time; they are given opportunities to discover new hobbies and interests.


golf (5)

The golf driving range in Monol can accommodate seven students at once. For the golf classes, Monol also has an instructor, who is available from 17:00-21:00. From the basic routines to pure practice for those who already know the sport, the golf instructor will be there to assist.
Monol’s golf class is offered for free and is also one of the possible alternatives of students for self-study. Now, they don’t only get to choose from fitness programs such as yoga, Pilates, boxing, and body building, but can also prefer to get a sport class, which can be the start of a new hobby!

Continue reading

Laundry station at Monol rooftop opened

Apart from the academy’s unlimited laundry service request, Monol now has a laundry station at its building’s rooftop. The laundry station, which is precisely designed for students who prefer to wash their own clothes, has washing machines that can do three processes in 1 hour and 17 minutes – washing, rinsing, and spinning. Although clotheslines are not prepared for drying, students can have their freshly laundered clothes dried at our very own laundry room, with the assistance of the personnel in-charge. Continue reading