Tips to Keep Warm during the ‘Ber’ Months

Cover Photo taken by: Randy Benigno

‘Ber’ Months bring cooler days ahead. ‘Ber’ Months (September, October, November, December) are your months ending in ‘ber’. Starting on September until December, Baguio’s temperature will start to drop and the wind starts to blow a bit colder. Fog will also blanket our city from time to time as cold air passes. The first week of September, Baguio has already been experiencing the effects of the ‘Ber’ Months. Rain was pouring at some point during the week, fog blanketed the valley, and the cold air breezed throughout the city.

The ‘Ber’ Months are also a reason why tourists flock to the City of Baguio to enjoy the cool climate that you can’t find anywhere in the Philippines. People enjoy walking in the morning to experience the cold air and take pictures of our city blanketed by fog.

To help you get through the cold climate, here are some worthwhile tips to guide you.

  1. Wear a hat.

You may have heard that you lose 80 percent of your body heat through your head, whether that is true or not, wearing a hat certainly helps keep you warm. The hat serves as an insulation against the cold air. Even if you are well clothed, you will lose heat from any part of your body that’s exposed. So wearing a hat even when you are indoors really helps.

  1. Layer your covers with the thinnest, densest ones on top.

Fix your blankets during bedtime. Fluffy blankets should be closer to your skin. Thin, dense blankets should be on top to prevent heat loss. This assures you of a good night’s sleep and prevents you from experiencing chills at night.

  1. Keep Hydrated / Visit the Cafe


During the ‘Ber’ Months, dehydration is a real concern. Cold air deprives our bodies of moisture through the process of evaporation. People also do not naturally feel as thirsty during the cold weather as they do when the weather is hot.

Drinking plenty of water or hot drinks even when you do not feel thirsty will help you stay hydrated.  A cup of warm water or a hot beverage is your friend during the ‘Ber’ Months as it provides hydration and also warmth to your body. Visit our Coffee Shop and choose from a variety of local beverages to keep you warm.

But there are also drinks you have to avoid. One drink you’ll want to keep away from is alcohol. While a glass or two may give you a “warming” sensation, alcohol actually causes dehydration.

  1. Keep Moving

If you are more active in cold weather, your body will generate more heat as a result. But as students or teachers in Monol, who study, sit or stand for long periods of time you can wiggle your hands and toes every few minutes to keep the blood circulating and keep you warm.

Visit our facilities in the campus to learn more about our Yoga Classes, Sauna Facility, Fitness Gym, and Recreational Hall.

Check out our facilities in the link below: Monol Campus Facilities

  1. Bed Time

The body cools down during sleep, so it’s crucial to prepare carefully for bed. To warm-up you can do jumping jacks/push-ups or you can drink a hot beverage. The goal is to be warm when you climb under the covers. Also, invest in a quality insulating pad to sleep on; what’s underneath you is just as important as what’s on top when it comes to keeping things heated up right. Don’t be afraid to sleep with your socks on, the more layers the better.


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