Baguio City’s Garden in the Sky

Aside from Baguio City, there are other beautiful places in Cordillera – places with a majaestic view, accommodating people, fresh air and a clean environment. These places in Cordillera also pride themselves with their rich culture, merging both tradition and advancement in technology, like Ifugao, Kalinga, and Mountain Province, to name a few.

If you visit the Northern part of the Philippines, it will be a waste to not visit at least one of these places. The problem is that the travel might be long and rough. What is amazing is that there is a place in Baguio City that could let you experience Cordilleran culture without the hassle.

Just a kilometer away from MONOL, tourists can visit Tam-awan Village.


When Tam-awan Village was just starting, they only had three Cordilleran huts. As of today, they now have nine huts, seven of which are Ifugao huts and two Kalinga huts, which are open to tourists and visitors. To really feel the Cordilleran life, the huts are also open for lodging for a minimum amount of Php 500 per person per night.

These huts are scattered on a mountainous terrain and tourists may even go trekking from hut to hut. If the weather is terrific, visitors can take a glimpse of the China Sea. This is one of the reasons why the place was named Tam-awan which means “vantage point” in English.

Aside from the huts, Tam-awan also features local artists and their artworks. They also have a place in Tam-awan where artists would take a sketch of you on the spot for an affordable price.

DSC06060_lowres DSC06067_lowres

So if you are planning on studying in MONOL located in Baguio City, you might want to add Tam-awan in your list of places that you have to visit before leaving the Philippines.


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