The Best Place I visited in the Philippines by Tiffany

In my case, the best place I visited in the Philippines is Baguio City. This city has ramps that seem to be endless. On the other hand, the ramps surround the mountains. They make the scenery look majestic. I really like walking on these roads. Closing your eyes, breathing deeply and enjoying the time are the ways I used to remove stress.

Baguio City

Baguio City

Moreover, I feel excited when I go for a walk on Session Road. People walking in a hurry on that road make me feel life is still going on. I like that feeling.

Baguio City, Session Road

Baguio City has both noisy and silent roads. It is exciting! I do not know how to express my feelings with this city. The only thing I know is that I really love this city.

I love not only Baguio City’s beautiful scenery and fresh air but also Monol academy. I think Monol is my home that I will surely remember if I go anywhere.

Baguio City

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