The food/place I came to love in Baguio

Written by: Lotto (Essential Elementary ESL student)
*This is Lotto’s entry from the recently concluded Photo Essay contest*

Last weekend, I went to a very unique restaurant. Their name is “ILI-LIKHA Artist Village”. There are many art sculptures and pictures, and their structure is built by wood. It felt refreshing.


There are many food courts. They make different meals or desserts. The price of the restaurant is very cheap because their place is near the University of Baguio and many students go there. I ordered pork and salad. It was really delicious. After my meal, I ordered dessert – “Mint Choco”. It was very sweet. I am very fond of their music, too. Their music is a kind of “House Music”. It was very special and different from other restaurants. I stayed there for a very long time. As time went by, a cat came to me, lay on my knee and slept. It was a really great time.

If you want to go to some unique, natural place to eat in Baguio, I highly recommend “ILI-LIKHA Artist Village”.






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