The Place I Came to Love in Baguio

Written by: Lilia (Essential Intermediate ESL student)
*This is Lilia’s entry from the recently concluded Photo Essay contest*

I have been here already for three months. I have lots of experiences both good and not good. However, I have lots of good experiences than bad experiences. I visited many places with other people.

The first impressive place that I visited was OMG. Actually, OMG means “Oh, my god”, as what people know. But in this case, OMG means “Oh My Gulay”. That is a restaurant’s name. The interior of the restaurant is pretty unique. If someone enters the restaurant, the person may feel like he/she is in harmony with nature. There are a small pond, unique sculptures, trees, etc. And this restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant. So I think women would like this restaurant. We also enjoyed foods in the restaurant. Our group has eight members including me. We met for my roommates’ birthdays. My roommates’ birthdays are the same because they are twins. Anyway, we had a pleasant time with interesting stories. I recommend this unique restaurant.



The second impressive place that I visited was Camp John Hay. Some people and I went there to celebrate Teacher Devona’s birthday. My second impressive place is also the birthday party place. That time, we prepared cakes and beverages and we played games like thirty-one, seven-up, and word game. If someone loses the game, the person has to eat the cake in one mouthful. The cake was too sweet and big. When we played the game, it was really fun. But suddenly, heavy rain started to drop so we hid under a tent of a store. Then, the rain became too strong, so we were wet. However, the situation was good and funny without a special reason. We just enjoyed the time.

I remember these special days. I can also remember other good days. The reason why I told you about these days is that I spent time with many friends on these special days. I mean I can remember the time that I spent with many friends instead of the places. I’ll not forget my friends whom I met in Monol. Thanks for their friendship!


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