What else can you enjoy doing in Monol apart from studying? (Part 2)

Discovering new hobbies and interests!

Studying English can be described by all kinds of adjectives – strenuous, tiresome, and challenging. That is why we give our students more than enough venues to balance their learning and living experience during their stay in Monol. That is, they get to take it easy and relax after hours of learning, at the same time; they are given opportunities to discover new hobbies and interests.


golf (5)

The golf driving range in Monol can accommodate seven students at once. For the golf classes, Monol also has an instructor, who is available from 17:00-21:00. From the basic routines to pure practice for those who already know the sport, the golf instructor will be there to assist.
Monol’s golf class is offered for free and is also one of the possible alternatives of students for self-study. Now, they don’t only get to choose from fitness programs such as yoga, Pilates, boxing, and body building, but can also prefer to get a sport class, which can be the start of a new hobby!

Billiards and Table Tennis

recreation area00

Monol’s recreation room located at the building’s rooftop is open all the time. Students can enjoy the facilities for billiards and table tennis after their classes.




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