Menu of the day: Breakfast food for dinner?

In today’s menu for dinner, one of the side dishes served was pumpkin pancake along with string beans in curry. Peculiar? To some, maybe, but some will find it to their liking especially if the main course is spicy squid, known as Ojingeo-bokkeum.

To complement the spicy nature of the squid, the mild sweetness of the pumpkin pancake complements the other dishes very well. Its soft texture and flavor soothes the palette from the strong flavors of the curry and chili pepper paste.

Did you know that…?

pumpkin-01-01282015Pancakes were already served for breakfast in ancient Greece. The ingredients used were wheat flour, olive oil, honey, and curdled milk. In general, pancakes are really considered breakfast food. However, it can also be a dessert or a snack, which can be served anytime of the day with fruits, jam, or, more commonly, butter and maple syrup.

When asked about how they made tonight’s pancake, our cooks said the ingredients are very, very simple. First, they had to bring the pumpkin to the blender to have it pureed.

After draining it of its juice, all they had to do was mix the following ingredients with the right consistency to make the pancakes.
Baking powder
Blended watercress and chives (basil is also a possible addition to get a more fragrant flavor)

Who says pancakes can only be eaten for breakfast?


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