Menu of the day: Balanced flavors

bbq-03-01222015A perfectly balanced meal does not only refer to having enough portions of protein, carbohydrates, and fibers. Most of the time (although to some, it is not necessary), it is also important to consider the nature and taste of each dish and if it complements well with the others. Will it taste well with this? Or will it just make it worse? Indeed, cooking or preparing a meal is as difficult as pairing the right top for a particular pair of jeans.

Monol’s dinner today had the right balance of everything. And we’re not only referring to the portions of meat and vegetables.

bbq-04-01222015The main course was Korean Pork Barbecue, which was marinated in ketchup, lemon, chili paste, and some herbs. To complement the slightly spicy pork are sweetened radish and braised potatoes, known as Gamja jorim, along with a mild and nutty Japanese miso soup.

Monol’s salad bar was once again filled with the best selections of vegetables with watermelons for dessert.

Basically, pork barbecues are very easy to prepare. What makes them really delicious depends on the marinate you use. For tonight’s dinner, the usual ingredients were present with a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top.

What special ingredient would you add to your barbecue?


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