Menu of the day: “Braising” oneself for a new day

breakfast-01212015Baguio’s weather today makes a perfect day for slacking off – gloomy and foggy, with still a hint of that winter chill; it sure makes one think of hiding underneath blankets and spending the day doing nothing. However, since it’s only Wednesday, students have to go to class and the offices should function as usual.

The main course for breakfast today is pork Macau sausage with sautéed zucchini and braised tofu, known as Dubu jorim, as side dishes. To warm the body and mind on a foggy day, dumpling soup, known as Manduguk, was also served.  And as always, the salad bar, ever abundant with vegetables and fruits, is present to complete the most important meal of the day.

Did you know that…?

tofu-jorim-2 Braised tofu is also one of the oldest recipes known in Korean cuisine. According to some accounts, the recipe wasn’t seen in cookbooks until the 17th century but was already served in meals because of its simplicity. Eventually, it was considered as one of the common dishes in Korea.

Basically, to prepare Korean braised tofu, you’ll only need a few ingredients.
Tofu (naturally)

For the sauce, you’ll need:
Soy sauce
Sesame seeds
Chili pepper flakes

You’ll have to mix all the sauce’s ingredients together while you fry the tofu. Remember to coat your tofu with a little bit of cornstarch or flour before frying to get a bit of crisp when you devour it with the sauce.

After frying the tofu, pour the sauce over it and let it simmer together for a few minutes. Careful or you might get your tofu soggy if you leave it too long under the fire! That’s it! Pretty simple, right? But very nutritious!

Today’s breakfast was a bit heavy with a combination of fibers and protein. Though bellies definitely felt full this morning, we hope that everyone was energized enough to face a new day of learning.


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