Menu of the day: A meal fit for kings

MOTD-01202015At Monol’s dining hall today during lunch, you’d notice that students would get the biggest bowl at the plates and utensils station, that’s because, for lunch is Bibimbap, a popular Korean dish that is rich in ingredients but is very simple to eat.

Did you know that…?

bibimbap3Based on historic accounts, Bibimbap was assumed to be served only for the king during ancient times. It was also considered a very special meal for visitors. On the other hand, there are also some assumptions that Bibimbap came to existence during a time where there were no enough plates in households and they just had to mix all their food in one bowl.

There are two kinds of Bibimbap: the regular one and the “sizzling” Bibimbap, which is usually served on a hot plate with raw eggs and raw beef. To most Koreans, they claim that it’s even more delicious when you cook the eggs and beef on the hot plate while mixing your Bibimbap.

According to practice, Bibimbap ingredients would comprise of:
Sunny side-up egg
Sautéed Ground beef/pork
Bean sprouts
Pepper paste
Sesame oil

At Monol, we had all the complete ingredients except the zucchini and spinach, which was replaced by green and red bell peppers.


Mixed and unmixed Bibimbap

As usual, Monol’s salad bar was filled with an assortment of vegetables and sauces. Today, the veggies served were lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pickled radish, hot peppers, onions, and young corn. Kimchi is ever present, since it is served in all meals everyday. The soup served, in addition, was Doenjang (Soybean paste stew).

Whether Bibimbap is food for royalty or just one of the most practical ways of eating lunch or supper, it is a fact that it has become one of the most popular Korean dishes known to the world. Though there are a lot of ingredients compared to some, it is very easy to prepare, it requires only a bit of mixing, and is absolutely very enjoyable to eat!


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