IELTS weekly mock test

Every Fridays here at Monol is probably the cause for nervous breakdowns to most IELTS students.  That’s because today is exam day.

After quite some time, a few students would get used to this routine, treating exam days no different than regular ones, but there are others who would still get the heebie jeebies even after two months of the same activity.

A new term has just started for IELTS and this Friday is a first for most students in the course. Friday mornings are devoted to the tests. And in the afternoon, after the students’ exams, the usual tradition of the department to conduct a consultation with students concerning their exam papers is done.

For the listening and reading parts, a teacher would go over the tests with a group of students and would discuss the answers for each item. On the other hand, for the speaking and writing parts, a teacher would discuss his assessment of the student and give some recommendations for improvement.

Some of the guys today may or may not have the results they are hoping for but perhaps, with a little more encouragement and diligence, a better outcome might be waiting for them next Friday.



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