Bowling Night!

Monol’s basketball court was teeming with giddy energy and excitement around 6:20PM last night. Little by little, the court was filled with people, leaving others wondering why these guys are outside on a very cold night. A few minutes later, at 6:30PM, 40 individuals started gathering together and formed lines. Jun, the student assistant, then, called the names written on his list one by one, waiting for an “Aye!” or a “Here!” from the person as he checks attendance.

After this seemingly endless ceremony, everybody was all set.

The group, then, walked up towards the entrance of the school, boarded the jeepneys waiting for them, and went to Puyat Sports at Baguio Center Mall to enjoy an hour and a half of bowling.

Bowling night is scheduled every other week for Monol students. This is done every first and third Wednesdays of the term, wherein students are also required to sign up for the activity.

Indeed, last night was one of those nights where students who are already experts at bowling get to enjoy, while the beginners get to practice and learn the right moves.


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