Baguio: Summer Capital of the Philippines

Baguio City is known as the “City of Pines”, “City of Flowers”, and more prominently as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. It is situated in the southwest portion of the Cordillera Central mountain range in northern Luzon and is 1,524 meters high. It has a year-round temperature of 15-26 degrees Celsius and can drop to a chilly 7-8 degrees Celsius from December to February. Like any other provinces in the country, the city follows the summer and rainy seasons. It gets warm during summers but the city seldom experiences a temperature that is beyond 26 degrees.

The city was originally a town of the Benguet province but was later established as an independent city.  Baguio is considered as the melting pot of the Cordillera indigenous peoples and the jump-off point for exploring the Cordilleras. It has, thus, become a center for showcasing the unique cultures of the different ethnic groups in the region. Further, Baguio has become the home and source of inspiration of various artists and art enthusiasts all over the world. This is because of the city’s serene natural environment as well as the cultural ingenuity manifested in the people.

Over the years, Baguio was considered as an “Education Center in the North” because of prominent and large universities that welcome massive numbers of students from different provinces. Academies that specialize in teaching English to a foreign market have proliferated as well.

Up to this day, Baguio still retains its moniker as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. Apparently, it has even earned more because of the times. Nevertheless, whether it is named as the city of pines, flowers, or artists, Baguio remains to be the ultimate highland retreat and resort city not only for relaxation but also for the stimulation of mind and creativity.


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